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SLNS FACILITY’S is a Leading Service Provider of Facility Management Services.

Offering Services with utilized Knowledge and Experience.

We offer a World-Class of Services along these lines encouraging our Customer’s Purpose.

A Cultural Evolution

At SLNS Facility’s we believe that individuals who are appropriately trained and completely appreciated outcome in cheerful clients and long term achievement. This conviction, alongside an unbreakable commitment to Clients, is the thing that characterizes our organizational culture as we provide the Leadership, resources, and atmosphere for our team to succeed. To these finishes, we offer one-on-one training, professional improvement, a safe workplace, and an ample open door for individual and expert professional growth.

SLNS Facility’s Asure you Best Class Services at all the time !!!

SLNS FACILITY’S (An ISO 9001:2015)

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slns facilitys

Toward the beginning of each task, reasonable budget will be agreed for the provision of comprehensive services . On the off chance that services are conveyed under the Budget , the underspent amount is constantly return to our partner.

Each part of a facility Management is followed and estimated by SLNS’s specialists, enabling them to identify and execute further opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings. Our teams are focused on guaranteeing the procedure is constantly proficient and the accomplice is getting the best return.

SLNS FACILITY’s solutions are executed through a self-delivery model. Each team member is carefully chosen for their job and after that diligently prepared so they will be the absolute best.

Our Unique Way

SLNS Facilities Management embraces a distinctively unique way to Facilities Management, one established on the estimations of joint effort and Transparency.

Relationships are at the core of the Group, which are based on the principle of partnership between a customer and its contractual worker.

This format enables the partners to cooperate and guarantee that the service is both affordable and comfortable.


Our Pledge

slns facilitys

Our pledge to our People and the networks where we work goes beyond a conventional giving system. Our social mission is implanted within our business model. We measure the great work we’re doing to support our people and our communities the similar way we measure operational viability and benefit.

What for ? first ,to start with, on the grounds that it’s the proper activity. Second, with the goal that our people invest heavily in their work since they’re a part of something greater. SLNS’s’ endeavours to develop great individuals converts into your perfect structures and flourishing networks.

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